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Beta Solutions Ltd

The Embedded Software, PCB & Electronic Design Partner

Beta Solutions Ltd's Bio:

Are you looking for an innovation partner to work with you and take your electronic product concept to the market?

Beta Solutions Ltd is a full-service electronic product development & design consultancy. We can make your idea a reality so that you and your company's life is easier.

Our team have been developing products with national and international New Zealand companies since 2008. Partner with a team backed with a proven track record.

Modern electronics are rarely without a specialist electronic component. We have the skills to develop and design embedded software for your project.

As engineers at the forefront of electronic product design and engineering, we can provide the following services:

Contact Beta Solutions Ltd to make your Electronic Product or Embedded Software Design project happen. View our Localist Electronic Engineering listing.

Beta Solutions Ltd's Interests & Activities:

Electronic Product Design, PCB design, Embedded Software

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